Anything happening in the online world starts with “SEARCH ENGINES”!

Think of search engines as your ‘gateways’ to the online world. You come, type, search, Buy/Sell, and exit!

Search engines have become crucial for businesses to generate leads and increase business. Folks use search engines to find information, products, and services they want to buy or what interests them. While Google is the most popular search engine, some prefer Bing, Google’s biggest contender, which Microsoft owns. With rigorous technology investments, Bing continues to improve its platform and offer users a more advanced and efficient search experience. Hence, ranking on Bing, along with other search engines, has become the ultimate goal of businesses.

While SEOs use Bing search API for designing a foolproof marketing strategy, developers use it to develop an application with bing search results functionality. Whether you are a developer or an SEO professional, you need a reliable Bing Search API with 100% uptime. Do you want to learn more about Bing search API?

If you answer yes, keep reading this article, as it will help you comprehend and understand what API is and how to use it.

What is Bing Search API?

Bing web search API enables SEOs to scrape Bing search result pages in real-time to showcase relevant search results. You can extract data from search results in large amounts within minutes using an API, while manually, you may have to open hundreds of tabs and invest hours doing the same. Once you retrieve data, you need to convert it into structured data in an excel file to use it.

Test Zenserp Bing Search API in Playground

Using Microsoft Bing search APIs, you can collect data on organic results, image search results, paid responses, videos, and other related searches. While many different methods exist to scrape visual search results from Bing, API is one of the most effective and reliable. Are you willing to use Bing web search API? Before you study further optional Bing Statistics, let’s dig out how to use it first!

How to Use Bing Web Search API?

To scrape results using Bing web search API, first, you must determine which would be best for your project. If you struggle to find a good option, you can continue with Zenserp API. Its robust technological infrastructure helps you obtain accurate data within minutes, eliminating the blocking situation if it occurs during web scraping.

Here’s how you can use it: –

  • Firstly, you need to buy a subscription plan for the API to continue further. Each plan has different features; you must choose according to your project or requirements.
  • Once you buy any plan, sign in, and generate an API key. You can use Python to extract data from SERP.
  • If you plan on using Python for data collection, ensure that Python is installed on your computer.

After that, you need to carry out the following code implementation: –

  • Create a file named ‘‘ on the desktop
  • Then, paste the below-mentioned code into the ‘‘.

import requests

url = “”


headers = {}

response = requests.request(“GET”, url, headers=headers, data=payload)


Once done, you need to paste your own API key in the ‘YOUR_KEY_KEY’ field. Then, you can veer towards testing.

Testing the Bing Search Results

You can test Zenserp API in a few steps; run the following command in the application’s file location.


After running this command, the JSON response you’ll receive is as follows: –

test search results of Bing Search API

What are the Advantages of Using Best SERP API?

The advantages of using the best SERP API are numerous; some are as follows, let’s look at them.

  • Real-time monitoring: Using a reliable Bing search API, one can monitor the search engine results in real-time for all search options. It’s very useful For SEOs as they can keep their web pages on the top of the rankings by monitoring data using SERP API.
  • Higher accuracy and quality: The best SERP API, like Zenserp, retrieves data directly from Bing, resulting in higher accuracy and data quality. Also, some APIs have accuracy and data quality checks to make sure that the data obtained and provided to the user is accurate and appropriate.
  • Advanced Reporting: SEOs and developers can use Bing search API to obtain high-quality data from SERPs and leverage it to create in-depth reports on search engine optimization and marketing performance.
  • Automation: The biggest advantage of using Bing search API is you can automate the whole data collection process, especially if you are an SEO. The application developers can use the best SERP API to develop apps with higher functionality.

The list of advantages of using Bing SERP API is pretty long; the above listed are only a few examples. You can use the best SERP API to enjoy all those perks.

Zenserp API – Best Bing Search API for Your Next Project

Zenserp API - Best Bing Search API

Whether you are an SEO professional or a developer, you must want to choose the best SERP API for your project. If so, Zenserp could be your final destination; it supports all the major programming languages, including C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Golang, etc.

It is highly scalable, affordable, and provides its users with accurate data. You can integrate Zenserp API with other tools like data analytics easily and quickly. In addition, Zenserp offers excellent customer support and pocket-friendly price plans.

Its paid plans begin from $29 monthly, with 5,000 searches supporting all SERP query types. Determine if it’s the ideal tool for your project; try Zenserp for FREE.


Q. What is Bing Search API?

A. Bing search API lets SEOs, app developers, and individuals alike with faster data collection from search engine page results.

Q. How to get a free Bing API Key?

A. To use Bing search API for free, you can visit the website Zenserp, login, and get a free API key with 50 monthly searches.

Q. Which is the Best SERP API?

A. Zenserp is one of the markets for best SERP APIs with 100% uptime, affordable pricing, and excellent customer support.