Google Search API has become essential in various industries. Those APIs empower developers, SEO professionals, and businesses to access valuable search data programmatically. We have written this guide for all those professionals. This comparative guide explores two most popular APIs: Zenserp and SERP Google Search API. We will talk about multiple factors to differentiate between both of these APIs.

Zenserp is a robust solution designed to extract search engine data efficiently. It comes with a strong focus on comprehensive search engine coverage and reliable support. Besides, Zenserp also takes care of developers and businesses seeking accurate search results. On the other hand, SERP Google Search API emphasizes user-friendly interfaces and diverse data formats. 

Let’s conduct an in-depth analysis of both options. It will help us make the final decision of choosing between the two.

What is the Comparison Between Zenserp and SERP API?

We have listed some major factors differentiating between the two. These factors are:

Type of API Covered:

API Feature Zenserp SERP API
Functionalities Advanced Search Features Search Results
Images Search Knowledge Graph
News Search Images
Videos Search News
Services SERP Data Retrieval SERP Data Extraction
Excellent Proxy Support User Agents
Bulk Search  Bulk Search

Search Engines Covered:

Here are the types of search engines covered in both APIs. 

Search Engine Zenserp Functionalities SERP API Functionalities
Google Comprehensive coverage with access to: It allows Google Search.
Organic search results
Images Search
News Search
Videos Search
Bing Extensive coverage, retrieving search results, images, news, and videos. SERP API supports Bing Search.
Yahoo In-depth access to search results, images, news, and videos. Allows in-depth coverage.
Yandex Zenserp Yandex Search API has broad coverage for search results, images, news, and videos. Supports Yandex.
DuckDuckGo Limited coverage Limited coverage, primarily offering basic search results.
Image Reverse Search Access to reverse image search functionality on supported search engines. Reverse image search functionality.
Shopping Product Page Provides results from shopping pages. As a result, it aids in product-related searches. Shopping-related results from supported search engines.
YouTube Search Access to search results from YouTube, including videos and related content. YouTube search results integration.
Trends Search Access to trending search topics. As a result, it enables users to monitor current trends. Trends search functionality.

A user conducting a Google search on a MacBook Air, with a smartphone and a cup of coffee on the table, illustrating the use of a Google search API for enhanced online search experiences.

Integrations with Easy Tools:

It is always important to ensure easy integration of API with multiple platforms and tools. We have analyzed multiple factors to ensure ease of integration for both APIs. Let’s explore them.

Integration / Tool Zenserp Integration SERP API Integration
Platforms Python, Java, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, C# and more Allows many languages. 
Tools Scrapy, Puppeteer, Selenium, Custom solutions It allows custom solutions and popular scraping libraries
Frameworks Flask, Django, Express, Laravel, .NET Core, Spring, and more SERP API allow common Frameworks integration.
CMS Integration WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Custom CMS platforms Custom CMS platforms
Automation Tools Custom automation tools Zapier, Integromat,, Custom automation tools
Data Storage MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Custom databases Multiple storage options
Version Control
  • Git
  • Bitbucket
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
Various options available
  • Visual Studio Code
  • PyCharm
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Eclipse and more
It allows many IDEs.

Data Formats and Geolocations:

Here are the data formats supported by both products. 

Feature Zenserp SERP API
Data Formats JSON JSON
Additional Formats Supports CSV format Supports CSV format
Geolocation Yes Yes
Geolocation Parameters Country Code Country Code
City City
State State
Zip Code Zip Code
Coordinates Coordinates
Custom Locations Custom Locations

Data Formats and Geolocations

Speed, Legal US Shield, and Technical Support:

Speed is one of the most important factors in choosing the right API service. you have to ensure that the chosen product works with higher efficiency and speed. At the same time, it should provide better technical support. Here are some factors differentiating between the speed and technical support of both APIs. Besides, we also discussed the legal US shield.

Feature Zenserp SERP API
Maximum Speed High-speed retrieval of search engine data. Moderate to High-speed data extraction.
Legal US Shield Adherence Adheres to legal standards. Moreover, it also includes compliance with the US shield laws. Complies with legal US standards. As a result, it ensures data protection.
Technical Support Dedicated account managers are available for personalized assistance. Technical support via email and chat.
Responsive support team for queries and issue resolution. Extensive documentation for self-help.
Assistance through email and chat for prompt issue resolution. Customer support is available during business hours.
Knowledge base with tutorials, documentation, and resources for developers. Responsive support team for query resolution.

An illustration of a person using a laptop with screen graphics depicting various icons related to Google Search APIs, including code snippets and search results, highlighting the comparison between Zenserp and SERP API for SEO optimization.

Registration and Sign-in Experience:

It is important to have a smooth registration process when choosing an API. Both APIs give us secure and simple registration. Let’s explore it.

Registration & Sign-in Feature Zenserp SERP API
Registration Process Simple and quick registration process. Quick registration process.
Account Verification Email verification process for added security. Email verification for account security.
Two-Factor Authentication Two-factor authentication is available for enhanced security. Yes
Access to API Key Access to API key upon successful registration. Yes
Dashboard Interface Intuitive dashboard for managing API usage and accessing key information. User-friendly dashboard for API management and tracking.
User Account Management Tools for managing team members and access permissions. Multi-user support with access control features.
Documentation Accessibility Comprehensive documentation is readily available for users. Detailed documentation for easy reference and implementation.

Registration and Sign-in Experience

Testing and Live Demos:

The chosen product should allow the users to test the API before making the final purchase. One of the best things to test an API is to allow live Demos. For example, Zenserp gives us the option to try API requests on a playground.

Testing and Live Demos Zenserp SERP API
Requests Testing Yes Yes
Live Demos Limited Availability Yes
Benefits Allows users to test the integration with their applications in a controlled environment. Enables users to experience the API in action through live demonstrations.
Use Cases Ideal for developers to validate API calls and responses during the development phase. Useful for users who want to explore the API’s features interactively before making an integration decision.
Availability Available upon request and may be subject to certain conditions. Easily accessible.
Zenserp SERP API

Pricing Structure:

Here are the pricing details of both APIs. 

Pricing Aspect Zenserp SERP API
Pricing Models Subscription plans based on search volumes. Plans include Free, Starter, Business, and Enterprise. The small plan starts at $29 per month only. Pay-per-search model. Also offers a Free Plan for limited usage.
Search Limits Based on subscription plan tiers with varying limits. Variable based on the selected pricing plan and additional credits.
Features Different plans offer varying features. It offers the following features for advanced level plans:

20,000 Searches

Batch Endpoint

  • All SERP Types
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Bulk Index Checker (GUI)
  • Keyword CPC
  • Personal Support
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Concierge Onboarding
All features are available for all plans, with the limit being the search volume.
Trial/Free Plan Offers a limited Free Plan with basic features and a low search limit. Provides a Free Plan with limited usage for users to explore and test.
Custom Plans Offers custom plans for specific business requirements. Custom plans available for enterprise-level needs.
Billing Frequency Monthly and annual billing options are available for subscription plans. The annual billing also offers 20% off on the chosen plan. Pay-as-you-go model, with monthly billing for additional credits.
Support & Assistance Email and chat support are available, with dedicated account managers for higher-tier plans. Email and chat support, and extensive documentation for self-help.
Refund Policy No explicit information on a refund policy is provided on the website. A 7-day money-back guarantee is offered for unsatisfied customers.


The Google Search API helps us enhance user experience on our websites. They are also providing users with the ability to search for news, images, articles, and other documents. If you are looking to enhance the user experience, you should implement a search engine. The best way to achieve this is by using the Google Search API, such as Zenserp and SERP API. We have listed their major features and functions to help you make a better decision. If you have any further questions, please let us know in the comments.


What Are the Primary Differences Between Zenserp and SERP API?

Zenserp and SERP API differ in their search engine coverage, features, pricing models, and customer support. While Zenserp boasts extensive search engine coverage and tailored support, SERP API emphasizes a user-friendly interface and various data formats.

Can Both Zenserp and SERP API Provide Geolocation-Specific Search Results?

Yes, both Zenserp and SERP API offer geolocation-specific search results. They support various geolocation parameters, enabling users to obtain location-targeted data for their applications.

Are There Differences in the Pricing Structures Between Zenserp and SERP API?

Yes, Zenserp and SERP API have distinct pricing models. Zenserp offers different subscription plans based on search volumes, while SERP API provides a pay-per-search model. The pricing structures vary in terms of search limits, features, and costs.

What Is the Cheapest Google Search API?

Zenserp is one of the cheapest Google search APIs.

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