Search engine results are of interest to many businesses. These results are known as SERP(Search Engine Results Pages) data. In particular, medium and large-sized businesses follow SERP data frequently. SERP data can be obtained separately for all browsers. The best practice to obtain this data is using the Search API. Also known as SERP API. For example, Bing Search API is used for Bing, one of today’s most popular search engines. In addition, with any best SERP API on the market, businesses can also obtain SERP data from other search engines with a single API.

Bing, the product of Microsoft, has millions of users today. Therefore, SERP data in Bing is very important for businesses. A Bing Web Search API is the fastest way to provide businesses with SERP data from the Bing search engine. It offers detailed SERP data. In this article, we will talk about why Bing SERP data is important. Then we’ll get to know the most popular Bing SERP API today and take a look at how we can use it.

Why Scrape Bing SERP Data?

Notably, Bing uses localized searches while doing searches. This feature has made it more preferred among search engines.

One of the biggest features of Bing is that it does not display ads in search results. Bing, which has a substantial number of users, is one of Google’s strongest competitors in the field of search engines.

With the increase in the number of users day by day, the importance of SERP data obtained from Bing is gaining more and more importance. For example, Bing SERP data helps businesses identify potential customers for their products or services. By scraping Bing SERP data, businesses can identify people or organizations actively looking for products or services in their industry.

Zenserp API: Search Engines Scraper

Zenserp API is basically a search engine crawler. In other words, it is bright data’s SERP API. The main difference from other SERP APIs is that it can scrape multiple search engines that are difficult to scrape with the same API.

It can easily scrape YouTube as well as Google Search, Yandex Search, Bing Search, and DuckDuckGo Search. It is performing the web scraping process with the most up-to-date technology. In this way, it does not allow any blocking while scraping search engines that are difficult to scrape. It performs JavaScript rendering. It can handle high-volume requests. For these reasons, it is the most preferred SERP scraper API today.

Zenserp API provides accurate data in real-time. It offers bright data it provides in CVS, JSON, and HTML formats. Thanks to the REST JSON format, other applications can easily perform data parsing and easily integrate with other SEO tools. Code samples of multiple programming languages are also available in the detailed documentation it provides.

What is the Pricing Policy in Zenserp API

The Zenserp API pricing policy is very flexible and affordable. It adopts the pay as you go model. In addition, it is suitable for testing by developers with the free trial it provides.

How to Get Started with the Best SERP API: Zenserp Bing Web Search API

In this section, we’ll take a look at how we can get started with the Zenserp Bing Web Search API. First, we need to obtain an API key. For this, let’s choose one of the flexible plans provided by the Zenserp API and register.

Next, let’s review the constantly updated and powerful documentation for testing the Bing Web Search API. Here are examples of how to use the Bing Web Search API.

We will try to scrape the SERP data of Bing, by making an API request through the browser. Let’s paste this address into our browser.

Let’s write our own API key in the ‘YOUR_API_KEY’ field and run it.

response of the Zenserp Bing Search API

A part of the JSON response we get as a result of this query is as above. This response also includes organic results.

Explore More from Zenserp SERP API

The most basic difference of Zenserp JSON REST API from other web scrapers is that it can extract data from other major search engines. It is exactly a real SERP scraping API. It makes it easier to collect data from various search engines. For example Google Search, Google Images, and Yandex Search. It is also called Google SERP API.

Scrape Google Search Results with Zenserp SERP API

Now let’s try to get Google Search Results with Zenserp API. Again, let’s request the following URL from a browser.

This time we added the ‘location’ parameter to our query. The response we got as a result of the API request is as follows.

response of the Zenserp Google Search API


SERP data inform businesses and developers in many ways. In particular, automated processes can be created and the obtained data can be processed to give an idea on many issues.

Automate your SERP processes and discover their advantages.


Q: What is the best SERP API: Zenserp API?

A: Zenserp API is a web scraper service. It allows you to retrieve search engine results from the search engines programmatically. It is a tool that developers can use to integrate SERP data into their applications, websites, or services. Zenserp API provides Bing Search API, Google Search API, and more.

Q: Is Zenserp Bing Search API easy to use for non-technical users?

A: Zenserp Bing Search API is primarily designed for developers, so it may not be very easy to use for non-technical users. However, Zenserp provides detailed documentation, sample code, and support to help users get started.

Q: Can Zenserp Bing Search API be used for commercial purposes?

A: Yes, Zenserp Bing Search API can be used for commercial purposes as long as you have a valid subscription plan that allows commercial use. The usage limits and pricing may vary depending on the plan.

Q: What are the benefits of using Zenserp Bing Search API over manually retrieving SERP data?

A: The main benefits of using Zenserp Bing Search API include faster and more efficient SERP data retrieval, improved data quality and accuracy, and the ability to retrieve real-time search data. Using the API can save time and resources compared to manually retrieving search results, especially for large-scale data extraction projects. It helps you to obtain search engine data faster.