Although generally thought of by many to be just a search engine, Google is one of the world’s largest online information distribution platforms. Although it was founded in 1998, the company, which met its users in 2004, has become one of the most used networks with many features it has today.

The data Google provides is vital to many businesses and applications today. Many businesses can take strategic steps and change their marketing strategies thanks to this data. Google also provides data directly organic for applications. In this way, organic data provided by Google is often used for testing purposes, especially in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms and reducing error rates.

There are many ways to obtain data from Google’s search engine and many more. This data can be collected manually or with a web scraping API. In particular, scraping tools specific to Google, products can handle this job in the fastest and most trouble-free way. Among the Google, Search APIs, the most popular API today is the Zenserp API. In this article, we will first get to know the Zenserp API and look at its pricing. Then, we will get to know the Google Trends service provided by the Zenserp API and talk about why it is important to scrape Google Trends results. So let’s get started.

What is Zenserp API

Zenserp API is a web scraping API. But it was developed to scrape hard-to-scrape Google products and more. Zenserp API is not only able to scrape Google products but also Yandex and Bing. Here are some services that we can scrape with the Zenserp API.

  • Google Search 
  • Google Image Search
  • Google News Search 
  • Google Shopping Search  
  • Google Video Search  
  • Google Maps Search 
  • Youtube Search 
  • Bing Search 
  • Yandex Search 
  • DuckDuckGo Search 
  • Google Shopping Product Page  
  • Google Image Reverse Search 
  • Google Trends Search


Zenserp API is used by tens of thousands of people today. One of the most important reasons why Zenserp API is ahead of its competitors is that it can scrape difficult-to-scrape websites in just seconds.

The importance of automating web scraping processes is critical to many applications and businesses. Zenserp API has an advanced infrastructure to automate processes and avoid any blocking during web scraping. It has a large and configurable proxy pool. It also provides an IP rotation service automatically.

Zenserp API is built with a developer-friendly approach. It can be integrated into almost all programming languages. It also has a very flexible structure and can be quickly integrated into applications in just a few steps.

Pricing of Zenserp API

Apart from the technological infrastructure of Zenserp API and what it can do, the pricing policy it offers is also very innovative and flexible. More affordable than its competitors, the number of flexible packages provides more options. There is also a free package option.

Zenserp API provides a total of 8 package options, including the free package. Apart from the free package among these package options, the first package is the ‘Small’ package. The ‘Small’ package is $29.99 per month for 5000 requests per month. The most equipped package is the ‘Enterprise’ package. This package is priced at $1,599.99 per month for 1.000.000 requests per month.

You can find all the packages offered by the Zenserp API with all the details here.

packages offered by Zenserp API

Another reason why Zenserp API is preferred is that there is no limit on package options. How is it? For example, you have a big data application and the ‘Enterprise’ package content provided by Zenserp API is not enough for you. Zenserp API is waiting for you to contact us to create a suitable package for you. For a more equipped package, you can contact the Zenserp API here.

Why is the Google Trends API Important

Among the services that Zenserp API offers, the most popular service is Google Trends scraping. Many businesses need Google Trends data today.

Search engines are public domains. Search engines like Google also keep a lot of search data such as what people search for, what they frequently follow, and what they frequently ask. The importance of Google Trends is that it provides us with this data.

A business can create better strategies and reorganize its marketing methods with the data obtained from Google Trends. Google Trends is a powerful weapon that allows people to rank their searches and find information about trending topics in a particular region.

How to use Zenserp API for Google Trends

Scraping Google Trends results with the Zenserp API is pretty straightforward. At this stage, as an example, we will use the playground provided by Zenserp, where we can test the services provided by the Zenserp API free of charge. The Playground screen is as follows.

playground provided by Zenserp

When we search the results of the word ‘spongebob’ in Google Trends, we see that the information of this word is returned in JSON format around the world. Zenserp API also provides many parameter options for you to customize the search results as seen in the picture.


The Zenserp API is an API that offers very popular services that allow scraping data from Google products today. Among these services, the most preferred one by businesses and applications is the Google Trends API pricing. If you need Google Trends data in your businesses or applications, take a look at the documentation that Zenserp API has prepared for you.