Search engines have become stronger today to meet almost every need in human life. It enables people to easily access almost every piece of information, recipe, and resource they need daily. Especially with the multiple products it offers, Google has become the most preferred search engine of people today. But did you know that you can get search results from the Google search engine with a Google Search API?

A Google Search API is a web service that provides businesses and developers with SERP data from the Google search engine. The data provided by this API is of critical importance, especially for many businesses that develop marketing strategies. This article will briefly discuss the use cases of Google search data a Google Search API provides. Then we will introduce and test the most popular Google Search API today.

What Are the Use Cases of Google Search Data?

In this section, we will briefly talk about the use cases of Google search data.

SEO Improvement Strategies

Users can analyze their SEO performance by automatically obtaining Google search data. In this way, they can develop strategies with the right data on SEO.

Market Information

Google search data can help users understand consumer behavior and trends. Thus, users can easily obtain information about a particular product or service.

Competitive Analysis

Google search data can provide users with information about what keywords their competitors are targeting, and what types of content they are popular with. With this data, users can take new steps according to the performance of their competitors.

Zenserp: Best Custom Search JSON API for Almost Any Search Engine

home page of the zenserp google search api

Zenserp API is the most popular web scraping API providing structured SERP data today. It supports Google, Yandex, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

This API is a location-based and highly scalable SERP API. It supports almost all products owned by Google. Like Google Search, Google Images, Google News, Google Maps, Google Shopping, and Google Trends. Additionally, it offers Reverse Image Search, one of the most popular services available today.

This API integrates easily into any programming language. It provides response data in JSON format and is a very simple-to-use API.

How to Test Zenserp Google Search API?

In this part, we will test the Zenserp Google Search API. We will use Postman, an API testing tool, to perform the testing process.

Before starting our test, let’s choose one of the economically priced subscription plans that Zenserp offers us and register. After registration, we will get an API key.

After obtaining the API key, let’s open the Postman application and paste the following URL into this application. Then let’s change the ‘YOUR_API_KEY’ field with our API key and send an HTTP GET request to that URL.

Some part of the API response we get after the HTTP GET API request is as follows.

json response of the zenserp google search api


As a result, the current popularity of the Google search engine has also increased the needs of businesses for its data. Businesses use and analyze this data. As a result of this analysis, they can develop strategies and present their products to the users in the foreground.

Use the best Google Search API now, and always stay one step ahead of your competitors.


Q: What Can Businesses Do With Google SERP Results?

A: SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are a very important resource for businesses today. Google SERP data is also one of the SERPs that businesses care about. Here are some of the things businesses can do with Google SERP results today:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • The Market Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Setting Business Goals

Q: What Is the Google Search API?

A: The Google Search API (Application Programming Interface) is a web service that allows developers to programmatically access and use Google search results in their applications.

Q: What Are the Popular Google Search APIs?

There are Google SERP APIs suitable for every project in the market for developers and businesses. Some of the top Google Search APIs are as follows:

  • Zenserp API
  • SerpApi
  • Bright Data Serp API
  • DataForSeo SERP API
  • SERPHouse API

Q: Does Zenserp Provide Google Search Data for Free?

A: Yes, it does. Zenserp is a powerful and fast free custom search API that supports a custom search engine. The free plan offered by this API is limited to 50 requests per month and an API key is required for use.