With over 80% of the market share, Google is the world’s largest search engine. It has a massive database in text, image, and video formats, making it perfect for obtaining accurate data and educating users. Retrieving data in small amounts from major search engines such as Google is possible; however, one cannot do it at scale without advanced tools. So, what do experts do for bulk data extraction from search engines? They use Google Search API!

Do you also want to leverage Google data to its full potential? Or do you want to create and build an application with Google search functionality or a custom search engine? You can do all these works with Google Search API! However, if you are unaware of this tool, this article is just for you; let’s dive deep into it to determine what is Search Google API and how it can help you with your work!

What Is Google Search API?

Google Search API is one of the best tools for SEOs and programmers who want to retrieve data at scale. It invokes Google search programmatically and captures search results. SEOs use SERP API to ease their day-to-day work, for instance, monitoring rankings, search queries, paid results, and optimizing graphs.

On the other hand, developers use Google search API to build applications with Google search functionality. However, for an application with higher functionality, an individual developer needs a SERP API with 100% uptime, faster results, and higher scalability. So, which one would you choose?

No idea?? Zenserp Google search API could be your final destination, as it can help you scrape Google effortlessly and easily integrate Google search functionality into your application.

How to Use Google Search API?

Your first step is to find the best Google Search API for your project. Let’s say you choose Zenserp API. After selecting it, you must buy its subscription or use a free plan and obtain its API key. Other steps to use and integrate API for search results are as follows: –

  • Choose the endpoint you want to use for your search, such as “search” for web search or “image_search” for image search.
  • Construct your search query and send a request to the endpoint using the key.
  • For example, if you want to perform a web search for the query “how to use Google Search API,” you can use the Zenserp playground, put the query, and here are the results you will get:

Top google search apis

Advantages of Using the Best Google Search API

With the use of advanced tools built using Search Google API, SEOs can become a pro in their field. However, a developer needs reliable SERP API results to develop web applications with such functionality. Zenserp is also one of the best APIs that one can rely on, and the benefits of using it are the following: –

Highly Accurate Search Results

If you are an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional conducting research or analyzing data, you can use an application with the best API for search results. It always provides you with highly accurate and relevant search results.

Custom Search Queries

With a reliable Google Search Results API, you can customize your search queries to get organic results that meet your specific needs. For that purpose, you need to specify search parameters, including the date range, language, location, and more.

Efficient and Fast Results

A Google Search API can save time and effort. It can perform searches much faster than a human could. This feature is essential if you need to perform searches at scale.

Rich Data Access

As you know, Google has vast data, and a reliable Google Search API helps you access this data. This can include data such as search volume, keyword rankings, keywords, and more.

Integration With Other Tools

Streamline your workflow and make data utilization easier with API for Google search results. There are many APIs that can be easily integrated with other web platforms, websites, and tools like data management and visualization tools.

Why Choose Zenserp Google Search API?

Custom Search API

If you are looking for the Best custom search JSON API, Zenserp is the perfect option for your project. This highly scalable API returns instant results that are accurate and relevant without burning your pockets in CSV format, JSON, HTML, and many others. It is compatible with all the major programming languages, such as Java, C, C++, Ruby, Golang, PHP, etc.

Integrating Zenserp into an application to retrieve organic search data is easy since it comes with extensive documentation and has excellent customer support if you have any queries, you can always reach out to their experts. The paid plans of Zenserp begin from $29 per month with 5,000 requests that support all query types.

You can also try the FREE trial of this API to determine if it’s the right fit for your project; give it a spin now.


Q. What Is the Use of Google Search API?

A. Google Search API helps you retrieve structured data from search results faster.

Q. Which Is the Best Google Search API?

A. Zenserp offers a reliable, affordable, and highly scalable API that you can use to build applications and develop websites that are faster and more efficient. This API can return results in JSON format, HTML, and many others.

Q. Is There Any Free Trial of Best Google Search API?

A. Yes, Zenserp is one of the best Google search APIs that provides full search engine coverage and offer a free trial with 50 requests per month.