ERP SERP is a term that anyone aspiring to rise should know means. It refers to the results of search engines such as Google and Bing when the user searches. Within the page, different websites, ads, rich snippets, graphics, and other results are listed according to different algorithms. Today, the most popular way to obtain SERP data from the browser is using the SERP API. For example, using the Bing Search API for Bing.

By using the SERP API, businesses or developers can easily obtain the search results of the browser they want. The most important criterion for a SERP API to provide these data is to have a good technological infrastructure. Because search engines are one of the most difficult places to scrape. In this article, we will get to know the SERP APIs specialized in Bing, and then we will implement a Bing Search API into Python programming language. Finally, we will list the advantages of using the Bing Search API.

What Are The Most Popular Bing Search APIs?

With the increase in the use of SERP APIs by users, many developments have occurred in this field. While a SERP API can bring up relevant search results for the desired browser, it can also bring spelling suggestions.

There are many SERP APIs on the market today that specialize in certain browsers. There are many Bing Custom Search APIs that specialize in Bing, which is Microsoft’s product. It is one of the most preferred SERP APIs of today.

The most used Microsoft Bing Custom Search APIs are listed below.

Zenserp API: Best Bing Web Search API

Today, hundreds of thousands of users prefer the Bing Web Search API provided by Zenserp. For this reason, we see the results of this API instantly in many applications and websites.

Zenserp Bing Web Search API, thanks to its technological infrastructure, eliminates the blocking situation that will occur during web scraping. In addition, the accuracy of the data it provides is high.

This API provides very detailed SERP data. It contains many fields such as ranking, global ranking, primary, and URL.

It is a custom searchable API. Search options can be set with parameters and queries. These reasons are a Bing Custom SERP API. The information about the parameters that can be used for flexibility is as follows.

Zenserp Bing Search API parameters

It is very simple and fast to use. It is possible to access Bing SERP results with a single API call. Let’s try that in the next topic.

Implement Bing Custom Search API Into Python

In this step, we will implement the Zenserp Bing Custom Search API into the Python programming language. Then we will perform related searches.

First of all, let’s choose one of the subscription plans in the Zenserp API, sign up, and get an API key. Then make sure you have Python installed on your computer. There will be no installation process at this step. Direct code implementation will be carried out.

Next, let’s create a file named ‘‘ on the desktop.

Paste the code below into the ‘’.

import requests

url = ""

headers = {}

response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data=payload)


Finally, let’s paste your own API key in the ‘YOUR_KEY_KEY’ field. Then, we are ready to test.

Test the Bing Search Results

We can test the Zenserp Bing SERPĀ API, which we have implemented in just a few steps. For this, let’s run the following command in the file location of the application.


The JSON response we get after running this command is as follows.

Zenserp Bing Search API JSON response

What Are The Benefits Of Using Bing Search API?

There are some benefits of using Zenserp Bing Search API. In this section, we will mention them.

Flexibility: Zenserp Bing Search API offers a range of parameters and filters, such as location and language. It allows users to tailor search results to their specific needs.

Easy integration with code and other tools: Zenserp Bing Search API can be easily integrated with other tools like data analytics tools. Also, it can easily integrate into many programming languages such as Golang, Ruby, Java, and PHP.

Excellent customer support: Zenserp offers various customer support channels, including email support. In this way, businesses and developers can use Bing Search API easily and get answers immediately when they are in trouble.

Improved data quality and accuracy: Zenserp Bing Search API retrieves search results directly from Bing, which is a reliable and accurate source of data. Zenserp also employs various data quality and accuracy checks to ensure that the retrieved data is valid and relevant.


In conclusion, Zenserp provides the most popular Bing SERP API today. Businesses and developers can access the most accurate data in the fastest way by using this API. In addition, they can easily customize their searches.

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Q: How do I use Zenserp Bing SERP API?

A: To use Zenserp Bing SERP API, you need to sign up for an account, obtain an API key, and then make a single API call with the desired query string. The API returns a JSON response.

Q: How is Zenserp Bing SERP API priced?

A: Zenserp Bing SERP API offers various pricing plans, including a free plan with limited features and paid plans with more advanced features and higher usage limits. The pricing is based on the number of API requests and the types of features and data included in the plan.

Q: Can Zenserp Bing SERP API be used with other search engines?

A: Zenserp Bing SERP API is specifically designed for Bing search results and cannot be used with other search engines. However, Zenserp also offers APIs for Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Q: How does Zenserp Bing SERP API ensure data quality and accuracy?

A: Zenserp Bing SERP API retrieves SERP results directly from Bing, which is a reliable and accurate source of data. Zenserp also employs various data quality and accuracy checks to ensure that the retrieved data is valid and relevant.

Q: What programming languages are supported by Zenserp Bing SERP API?

A: Zenserp Bing SERP API supports multiple programming languages, including Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, and more. The API can be used with any programming language that can send HTTP requests and process JSON responses.