Web scraping is the most popular data extraction method today. Obtaining data from target websites in an automated and rapid manner is possible with web scraping. Thus, today, all businesses and applications that need data can easily access the data they need with web scraping.

The advancement of technology has eliminated the problems and barriers that arise in web scraping. For example, web scraping tools provide a large pool of proxies so that users do not face any obstacles in their web scraping process and automatically implement IP rotation. In fact, the most suitable example for the removal of barriers today is the location-based proxy scraper tools. With this service, we can scrape web pages that only serve users in a specific location without any problems.

The development of web scraping has allowed us to scrape websites that now seem quite difficult. For example, many websites with organic data such as Google, YouTube, Yandex, and Bing can be easily scraped. It is possible to scrape these websites with the codes we have written, but the developer may have a lot of work here. Such as the correct setting of required proxy and IP settings and updating them regularly. Otherwise, the program you wrote will be detected and blocked by these websites. It can even be blacklisted.

The most popular way to extract data from these difficult-to-scrape websites is to use web scraping APIs. It is using Google Search APIs that were developed specifically for scraping Google. In this article, we will review the 3 most popular Google Search APIs that can be used by businesses and developers.

Zenserp API

Zenserp is the most preferred Google Search API today. It has a very large proxy pool to avoid any blocking or blacklisting during web scraping. It also provides location-based scraping free of charge.

It provides its users with a scraping of the most demanding websites. Some websites where scraping is provided are as follows.

  • Google Search
  • Google Image Search
  • Google News Search
  • Google Shopping Search
  • Google Video Search
  • Google Maps Search
  • Youtube Search
  • Bing Search
  • Yandex Search
  • DuckDuckGo Search
  • Google Shopping Product Page
  • Google Image Reverse Search
  • Google Trends Search

Zenserp API quickly scrapes and returns data from these websites. Zenserp API also provides scraping of all these websites for free via a playground.

Zenserp API playground
Today, tens of thousands of developers and businesses actively use the Zenserp API.


One of the biggest advantages that distinguish Zenserp API from other Google Search APIs is its flexible package and reasonable price policy. There are 8 package options in total, including the free package with a limit of 50 requests per month. The entrance package is the ‘Small’ package. This package is $29.99 per month for 5000 requests.

Zenserp API Pricing


Today, tens of thousands of developers and businesses actively use the Zenserp API.

SerpApi is a powerful Google Search API. It works in real-time. Thanks to its strong infrastructure, it integrates easily with applications and works fast.

There is a playground on the website about how SerpApi works.

SerpApi web

As can be seen in the picture, it also supports location-based web scraping. In this way, it is possible to scrape location-based data. It is developed with a developer-friendly approach and provides the scraped data in JSON format.


SerpApi basically offers 3 packages. ‘Developer’, ‘Production’, and ‘Big Data’. There is also a free package option for up to 100 requests. The ‘Developer’ package is the starter package and 5000 requests are $50 per month.

Sepstack API

Serpstack API has the ability to scrape almost any product of Google. Google Search, Images, and Videos are a few of them. It has a large proxy pool and IP support. It has the technological development to overcome difficult obstacles such as CAPTCHAs.

It provides the scraped data in either JSON or CSV format. In this way, the registration of the scraped data to the databases takes a very short time.

An example of the Google Search scraping it provides is as follows.

Serpstack API

The API provided by Serpstack can be quickly integrated into applications. It has strong technical support for problems that may occur during or after the integration.


Serpstack API offers a total of 4 package options, including the free package. The free package is limited to 50 requests per month. The ‘Basic’ package costs $29.99 per month for 5000 requests per month.


Data provided by websites such as Google, YouTube, and Yandex, which are difficult to scrape, are very important for many businesses and applications. Businesses can grow or change their marketing strategies with the information they will obtain from this data.

Applications can perform better tests with these organic data and reduce the error rates of their applications. If you want to obtain data from websites that are difficult to scrape by using the Google Search API & scrape google search results in your businesses or applications, you can take a look at the APIs we have listed in this article.