Google search data is the most basic need of many companies that run corporate business today. Google search data is the most natural resource for businesses to understand users’ needs, demands, and requirements. Many businesses nowadays get their Google search results from a Google search API that makes Google search scraper.

Businesses aim to obtain data from Google search results in an automated manner on a regular basis. For this reason, a Google search API that provides Google search scraper service should not pause in any way while providing data from Google. One of the most common uses of this API is to get accommodation results, usually hotel results. In this article, we will first examine the most popular use cases of getting Google results about hotels. Then, we will introduce the best Google search scraper API to get hotel results. Finally, we will integrate this API into the Python programming language and test it in just a few steps.

What Are the Use Cases for Getting Google Results About Hotels?

Search results for hotels on Google are of great importance to businesses and developers. These results contain important and sensitive information that can be used to gain a competitive advantage in the hotel industry, increase the customer base, and improve business performance. Here are the most popular use cases for hotels on Google for businesses and developers:

  • Competitive Analysis: Businesses refer to search results on Google to research competing hotels. It is critical to learn about the pricing policies, customer reviews, suitable reservation dates, service quality, and other features of competing hotels to develop their business strategies and stand out.
  • Market Research: Entrepreneurs regularly Google searches with the idea of opening a new hotel or expanding an existing business. They leverage these search results to identify market needs, potential customer segments, regional demand trends, and other market opportunities.
  • Customer Feedback and Reviews: Businesses can get customer reviews and reviews of their hotels in their desired locations on Google. Customer feedback provides valuable information to improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction, and manage the business’s reputation.
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising Strategies: Businesses optimize their digital marketing and advertising strategies by examining how hotel ads are performing on Google. Advertisers can run more efficient campaigns by monitoring the effectiveness of keywords, ad costs, and conversion rates.

Zenserp API: Easy to Use Google Search API

zenserp - Google search API - home page


Zenserp API is the best Google scraper API for businesses and developers to use for Google search results. It is actually a very well-equipped SERP API on the market.

While the Zenserp API specializes in Google search and its pages (Google Images, Google Videos, Google News, Google Trends, and more), it can also provide SERP data from many other search engines, like Yandex, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. It even provides SERP data for that YouTube.

Zenserp API does not cause any blocking to its users while scraping hard-to-scratch web pages like Google. It provides high-speed data from all search engines it supports in real time. It also integrates easily into all programming languages, and its unique documentation has code integration examples for multiple programming languages.

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Finally, Zenserp API is known as a free Google scraper API. It offers its users a free plan with a limit of up to 50 API calls per month. Its paid plans also start at just $29 monthly for 5,000 API calls.

Get Google Results About Hotel With Zenserp API in Python

In this part, we will get the results about the hotel keyword from Google with the Zenserp API in Python. In order to use all the useful services that the Zenserp API provides us, we need to sign up for one of the unique subscription plans it provides. After registration, we will obtain an API key to be able to use the Zenserp API.

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After obtaining the API key, we will develop our application and create a Python file named ‘google-results-about-hotel-with-zenserp’. Then, put the following codes in this file.

import requests

url = “ in New York&location=New%20York%2CNew%20York%2CUnited%20States”

headers = {

response = requests.request(“GET”, url, headers=headers, data=payload)


With this code snippet, we will obtain SERP data corresponding to the keyword ‘Hotels in New York’ in New York from the Zenserp API. After we put our API key in the ‘YOUR-ACCESS-KEY’ field, we can run our application with the following command.


The SERP result of ‘Hotels in New York’ that we obtained after running the application is as follows.

Using Zenserp Google SERP API - output screen

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To sum up, getting Google results about hotels provides many benefits to businesses today. With this data, they gain advantages in competitive analysis, market research, customer feedback and reviews, and many more. In this article, we have discussed the method to get hotel-related Google search results via Zenserp API using Python programming language. We explained step by step how to integrate the Zenserp API. By combining Python’s power and the Zenserp API’s incredible functionality, you can easily retrieve and process hotel search results.

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Q: Is Zenserp a SERP API?

A: Yes, it is. Zenserp is a SERP API and provides highly detailed data on Google search results.

Q: What Distinguishes Zenserp API from Other Google Search APIs?

A: What sets Zenserp API apart from other Google search APIs is that it offers users broader and customizable data extraction capabilities. In addition, one of the most remarkable features of it is a free Google search API.

Q: What are the Use Cases of the Google Search API?

A: The Google search API’s uses include many usage scenarios such as keyword tracking, competitive analysis, content creation, and evaluating SEO performance.

Q: Which Google Pages Can Zenserp Serve SERP Data From?

A: Here are some pages where Zenserp API provides SERP data from Google:

  • Google Search
  • Google Image Search
  • Google Video Search
  • Google Maps Search
  • Google News Search
  • Google Shopping Search
  • Google Trends

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