Google Trends API Pricing

Web scraping has eliminated borders nowadays. Websites that only serve in a certain location, e-commerce sites, and even websites that seem impossible to scrape. Like Google, Youtube, Yandex, and Bing.

With web scraping, data can be obtained from many target sources without any problems. Many businesses today regularly analyze Google Trends data to both grow and improve their marketing strategies. To explain briefly, trends show us search topics on Google in order of popularity and location. This means that the interface will not provide you with a search volume indicator, but we can analyze data close to it and the increase in search traffic for a popular term. Shows the popularity of the term compared to all searches in the domain and date range. Which allows you to come up with results as if the word was searched more yesterday.

But did you know that Google Trends can also be scraped? To scrape websites that seem to be very difficult to scrape, such as Google products, you need to make certain configurations. Like proxy settings, and automatic IP rotations. But there is a popular way to save you from all these configuration tweaks. Google Trends APIs.

Google Trends APIs are web services designed to pull data from Google Trends. Thanks to their advanced infrastructure, they can scrape data from Google Trends without any blocking. There are many Google Trends API pricing available today. Among these APIs, the most popular is the Zenserp API. So let’s take a look at the Zenserp API and its pricing policy.

What is Zenserp API: Google Trends API

Zenserp API is actively preferred by thousands of developers today. In addition, thousands of businesses actively use it. Zenserp provides services to scrape many websites that are quite difficult to scrape. Google Search, Google News, Google Trends, Google Image, Google Videos, YouTube Search, Yandex, and more. It is possible to scrape dozens of fields with a single API.

Thanks to the technological infrastructure of Zenserp API, there is no pause during the scraping processes. A large proxy pool provides services such as location-based proxy adjustments, automatic IP rotation, etc. to eliminate blocking in scraping operations.

Zenserp API has eliminated blocking and with it, a fast-working web scraping API has been developed with a flexible and powerful infrastructure. It scrapes difficult-to-scrape websites in just seconds and returns data.

Zenserp API has developed a playground for users to test the services. This service is completely free.

Zenserp API Pricing

One of the main reasons why Zenserp API is preferred is the pricing policy. Zenserp API has a flexible pricing policy. There is a wide variety of packages to appeal to many businesses and applications. And there is a free package option.

The general package structure is as follows.


You can find the contents of the package information here.

Zenserp API also allows you to create a flexible package if you need a higher volume package than the Enterprise package. For this, contact us here.


The importance of Google Trends data is very important for businesses. If you want to scrape Google Trends data for use in your businesses without any problems. Take a look at the powerful and constantly updated documentation that Zenserp API has prepared for you.