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Check the indexing status of up to 200 pages with just one click. Our Google index checker makes index checking easy.

Google Index Checker

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Check up to 20 URLs with one click. Submit one URL per line. Our pro version allows you to check up to 200 URLs with one click.

Use Cases For

Google index checking at scale

Checking if URLs are indexed by Google is a time consuming task. Especially when you try to check multiple URLs at once. You will run into captchas, paste results into an excel-sheet and repeat the process after a few weeks all over again, since Google index checking is a task that only makes sense, if repeated over time. Our API enables you to automate this task.

Page indexation checking
The time it takes google to list a freshly submitted page of your website in it's index varies from a few hours to days or even weeks.
The actual time for a page to show up in the Google index depends up on a large number of factors: the total number of pages of your website, whether the page is part of your sitemap.xml, whether you actively asked Google to index this page - just to name a few...
Backlink indexation checking
Even though backlinks that are pointing to your page are listed in your Google search console account after a while, you sometimes find yourself in a position where you want to check if a backlink has been indexed by Google manually. The main reason for this is time.
From the moment a site is first indexed by Google it can take weeks for a related backlink to be listed in your search console account.

Automate your page index checking process

Check the indexation status of up to 200 pages with just a single click. Available for all plans, starting with medium.

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