Conditions for Using the Google Custom Search API as an Image Search API

The Google Custom Search API can be used as an image search API under certain conditions. Here are the key conditions to keep in mind:

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  1. API Key: You need to have a valid API key from Google to use the Custom Search API. The API key is used to authenticate your requests and track usage.
  2. Custom Search Engine (CSE): You must create a custom search engine (CSE) through the Google Custom Search console. This CSE will be used to perform image searches.
  3. Billing: While the Custom Search API offers a free quota for daily usage, you may need to set up billing with Google if your usage exceeds the free quota.
  4. Restrictions: The Custom Search API is subject to usage limits and restrictions imposed by Google. Make sure to review the terms of service and comply with them.
  5. Attribution: If you display Google search results on your website or application, you must comply with Google’s attribution requirements, which include displaying the “Powered by Google” logo.

Top 5 Google Image Search APIs to Extract Web Image Data

  1. Google Custom Search API: The Google Custom Search API allows you to perform image searches using a custom search engine (CSE). It provides access to Google’s vast image database and allows you to customize search parameters.
  2. SerpsAPI: SerpsAPI provides a simple and powerful API for scraping Google search results, including images. It offers various endpoints for different types of searches, including image searches.
  3. Zenserp Image Search API: The two sides of one coin solution. Zenserp offers two Google image APIs: Google Image Search API and Reverse Google Image Search API. The first one allows users to scrape images from search result pages, offering up to 300 image results per query with pagination support. It includes filters for size, color, type, and time. The second one enables reverse image searches, finding web pages containing specific images using a link. Amount of searches varies from 50 to 120K, and pricing starts from $0 to $399.
  4. ScrapeStack: ScrapeStack is a web scraping API that includes a feature for scraping images from Google search results. It offers a simple and affordable solution for extracting image data.
  5. SE Ranking API: SE Ranking API provides access to various SEO tools, including an image search API. It allows you to perform image searches on Google and retrieve image URLs and metadata.
  6. These APIs offer different features and capabilities for extracting web image data from Google search results. Depending on your specific requirements and budget, you can choose the API that best suits your needs.